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[September the 1st, 2005 - 9:30 PM]
[ mood | pleased ]

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yep, i finnally made my decision.. this is my last public entry..

if you want to be kept or added..

coment on this and ill add you..

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grr.. [August the 31st, 2005 - 8:47 PM]
[ mood | chipper ]

i dont even wanna write in here seriously.. i dont see the point..

neeley broke his ankle..yesterday at football practice.. so he called me when he got back from the hospital to tell me bout it.. i didnt even wanna believe it.. haha i didnt believe it till like min lata.. when he was talkin to his mom..haha.i kno wat trust..lol

umm, volleyball we all had to run a mile..it wasnt that hard..it did make me tired tho.. but, like runnin takes alot of shit off my mind.. that has been bugging me.. and took my mind off worryin bout neeley..so it was pretty kool

i flipped someone off today, just because she flipped me and sis off first.. and well, somone told lepresto that i flipped her off...but, never mentioned that she did it first.. so, he asked me abotu it.. i jsut told him that i did flip them off but, just because they did it first.. and i dont like ppl to think they can run over me...well, he just said ok.. i understand now..lol..so, whoever told him.. i didnt have to run or anything..lol.

school, well, its school.. i mean..ppl goin by sayin stuff and everything no big deal at all..lol..

anyways, i dont kno wat im gonna do about my livejournal..i used to write in here to get things off my mind..but, now i cant say wat i feel.. so ill probably make it friends only..and maybe cut some friends on my friends list..so i can write watever i want in here.. im just so tired of ppls crap..so idk well see..

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you kno wat i hate.. [August the 30th, 2005 - 3:43 PM]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i hate..

..ppl that think there better than everyone else.. gawd, i mean get over it.. most likely your not better than anyone else..

..ppl that think im scared of them.. or their older sibling.. cause im not.. i could care less whose after me..i mean not gonna hide or anything.. lol. cause thats so stupid..

..ppl that think they can go around say dumb lil comments thro the hall..and think that it hurts my feeling..cause honestly it dont.. once again i could care less wat your dumbass thinks.. and "gawd, theres a blair twin"--omg.. it doesnt get to me.. cause hey im a blair twin and if you dont like me.. good for you.. im just blessed to have a sister that will always be there for me.. and looks just like me.. or.. ppl goin around callin me a slut, skank, whore, ect. because im not and usually they are..

..ppl that try to be somethin that there not.. or try to be someone else.. instead of themselves..

..ppl that talk about me behind my back.. and dont think that im gonna find out.. because most the time.. i do.. and it pisses me off

well, thats been on my mind all day long.. so im so glad that i got that off my chest.. i feel so much betta now..lol.o yea, sis helped me out with some of these..

we have a volleyball game tonight..all yall should come..we face belfry.. so, well see how that goes..

-lata yall
-i love neeley

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i love john fred*- [August the 29th, 2005 - 7:46 PM]
[ mood | shocked ]

*.first period: we did this lab thing.. heather was my parenter.. hey i think we did good..lol. we got it done!! 2 points for me and heather..hehe.. gah, were so dumb.. we got so confused..but, hey thats just me and heather..

*.2nd period: algebra 1.. it sucked today.. we had to draw squares and crap.. i was bored so i just turned around and told heather " my orange square can quick your oranges square's ass" she looked at me and went "my orange square can take your orang squares boyfriend".. then finally i went "nu huh my orange square is to sexy".--haha cant yall tell we were bored..lol..

*. third period: life skills.. shoot, i almost got in torouble in there.. haha.. and i wouldnt even doin anything.. i mean yea i talked the first part of class..then, i started doin my work.. and she was like tellin everyone who was gonna get "wrote up" watever that means..lol.. she was like "cody your the next one on my list, you two boys your the next ones, girls(me n heather) your the next on my list" gawd, it took everythin in me not to crack up..lol. you have no idea.. it was funny..other than that i just worked..

*.fourth period: law and justice..hmm, well we worked in there as usual..lol. nuttin ever exciting ever happens in there..seeing how were not even allowed to talk..

*.lunch: i got me and sis two of those lil pizza things..sat down and ate..then, made sis go get me a hunney bun and i swear they didnt have it..shew, so sis jsut bought me this other thang!

*.fifth period: worked on this stupid project that was due tommorow..

*.sixith period: english.. i had to take a STAR test today.. gawd!! i hate that stupid test.. and omg.. let me tell you.. i was like the first one to get started and was the last one to end.. how gay?! i mean seriously..lol. then, i finnally got back to the room.. and everyone was moved around..seriously she hates our class..lol. its funny.. we wreviewed for our test tommorow..

*.seventh period: world geography..seeing how i missed it friday causei had to go to the orthadonist.. mr, howell put me a desk out in the hallway and i had to take my test sittin out in the hallway.. everyone that wouled walk by would just stare at me..it was weird..lol.then, i went in and did my work..

*.after school.. i went straight out there to meet my dad..so, we could hurry and get to the orthadonist..yea, i did try to go friday but the power was out.. so i had to go back today.. finnally, got my bottom retainer.. i think its neat! haha..then, after i was out.. i went to volleyball prac.

*.volleyball practice was good.. we practiced.. at first i was doing bad..causei was thinkin abotu neeley..so i had to get him off my mind.so i could play..cause i really dont want ANYBODY.. to take my spot..haha..i tired hard.. i think we do good..lol

*.im finnally home.. ive been doin homework.. i got that done! THANK GOD! and ate.. then walked the dog..so, anywyas.. thats bout it.. so im gonna get off here and talke to sis.. and wait on neeley to call.. but, he wont be callin anytime soon.. he has a game tonight..

*.i love jonathan neeley..more than anything in this world.. hehe

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la la la la la la la* [August the 28th, 2005 - 10:05 PM]
[ mood | amused ]

-im bored..

-and i dont really feel like writtin in here

-so,ill try to update yall tommorow or something.

-anyways, im gonna go watch the vmas

-i love jonathan neeley

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shew, a long day [August the 25th, 2005 - 10:24 PM]
[ mood | tired ]

*.1st period: went over a worksheet. thats bout it
*.2nd period: algebra..did a worksheet.. took another quiz
*.3rd period: life skills.. she i kinda like that class but sorta not..lol.. it sucked today.. but, then agian it was kinda easy.
*.4th period: went over the first ten ammendments.. i diddnt listen.. i wrote neeley a note.. and we have a quiz over that crap tommorow and i have no idea bout it..so, i probably should have listened..oh well
*.lunch: chicken patttys..yum..haha.. not.. it was kinda hard..but you kno thats ok it was betta than the crap we had yesterday
*.5th period: computers.. gawd that class sucked today..i like the class and all but gawd.. i hate someone so bad!!!
*.break: i went and sat with heather and stephen..and talked to them the whole time..lol
*.6th period: english.. oh gawd..that woman really doesnt like me at all..
*.7th period: geography.. reviewed for a test were havin tommorow.. but you kno.. i think i kno all that crap.. haha.. so oh well

volleyball was perty good today.. except sis was gettin mad alot..shew, i just hate it when she gets mad..seriously.. it sucks.. i dunno y i should care when she gets mad but you know wat for some reason i do..

well, my moms went to west virginia to be with david.. she didnt even tell me..i didnt evenkno till dad came and got me.. so, im pretty pissed at her right now..just because like every thursday she kinda leaves me stranded with no where to go to see him.. which i think is bull crap..lord i dont even kno were emma is stayin to night GAWD.. it just makes me so mad..

but, thats enuf about my lovely life.. im gonan go..cause im talkin to neeley on icq..i love him so much.. i really do..

-i love you neeley

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my computer is so messed up [August the 23rd, 2005 - 9:25 PM]
[ mood | -mixed emotions ]

umm, my computer is so screwed up..so,im using my sisters computer right now..

lord, the most interesting thing about the whole day was,, 6th period.. shew, mrs, gilpin. threatened to give me ISS.. for giggling.. it was crazy.. i mean i tried not to laugh but some of the faces she makes are just SO funny..and wat she was doin to me just cracked me up.. haha.. i got moved across the room too!! haha..

volleyball game, shew lets not even go there.. the game had to be the worst game of my life....SERIOUSLY.. i sucked.. i cried at the end..lol yea i kno wat a fag? but, still i was having a bad night..

anyways, im gonna get off here and wait till neeley calls back..haha.

-i love you neeley

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your the best ive ever had [August the 21st, 2005 - 10:38 PM]
[ mood | crappy ]

shew, im bored..watchin punk'd..

pikecounty bowl was this weekend.. i went..and stayed there till like one in the mornin watchin pikevilles game.. and then for some odd reason i got mad at neeley...i dont even kno why i did that and now i regret it alot.. shew, im so stupid..i probably wont even see him this weekend.. idk, i feel like crap right now..

saturday, i went to the hunington mall.. i kno yall are thinkin that i go shopping all the time..lol.. and lately i have but, i think i have shopped enuf. lol. then, came home and fell asleep waitin on neeley to call.. he never  did by the way..but, i wasnt mad about it

today, i sat around the house waitin for tiff to get home from her boyfriends church..and him and his family all game in and they stayed and talked for a while..after they left, i talked to neeley for a lil bit...then me,dad,sis,tiff,and treasa went to dairy queen to get ice cream..and then to walmart.. now im home and only gotta talk to neeley for a lil bit.. and now im just so bored.. im just been thinkin alot..and it just sucks so bad..

i think im gonna put a shout out to neeley on here..so here it is..

neeley, i love you alot.. and im so sorry about this weekend..ive been an ass to you.. i really never meant to be one..  it scares me to even think about me and you not together. because your the person i come to forever everything and your always there for me no matter what.. your the best i have ever had.. i love you alot!!

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hi guys.. [August the 14th, 2005 - 10:01 PM]
[ mood | amused ]

yesterday, me and neeley went to the movies... we went and watched dukes of hazzard.. it was like packed but, thats still ok.. i got to see neeley and it made me so happy! lol. even tho he hated the movie..but, oh well.. lol.

today, i went shopping with my daddy.. we went everywhere.. i ended up gettin like 4 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and a pair of shoes.. hehe.i had to it was pay back for him being an ass to me and my sister..lol. it was fun tho..lol.

tommorows, the first day of school.. im not exactly exited.. but, oh well.. ive already lost my schedule.. its awesome..lol..

well, im gonna get off here cause im talkin to neeley on the phone..

-love you neeley

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shew.let me tell you.. its BORING! [August the 12th, 2005 - 9:45 PM]
[ mood | bored ]

im bored..lol sis is reading her notes and being depressed(understandable tho), neeley got off the phone(who knows why), and me, well, im sittin in sissys room waiting for neeley to call back..

i havent really done anything today.. shot pool with peewee and layed around the house.. waiting on neeley to get home..shew, i kno my life is pathetic soundin.. lol

well, i missed volleyball practice. cause, my momma was SUPPOSE to call me.. well, did she..NO!! lol. but hey thats ok i guess.. i didnt hafta wake up early..but, i was really lookin foward to goin.. seeing how since neeley has school and sis, well, sis is just boring..haha.. i get perty boring around here..

i guess i have bored yall to death enough..so, im out..

-i love jonathan neeley
-forever and always

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survey [August the 11th, 2005 - 8:24 PM]
What is your full name? You can make it up if you want, I won’t know the difference: Samantha Paige Blair

Tell me about your family if you want to. If you’re too lazy, that’s okay, I don’t really care: mom and dad are divorced. mom has a husband. and dad has a girlfriend of like 6 years. i have a step bro and a half sister. i got a twin sister. then, my dads g/fs daughter which might as well be my step sis

When’s your birthday? Febuary 14

What day do you wish was your birthday? i like my bday

So how old are you? 14

Do you like being that age? nah

If not, what age would you rather be; if yes, then why?
17 because i would have my license. and wouldnt have to get my mom to take me everywhere. and get to see neeley more :)

What’s your school like? i wouldnt kno this is gonn be my first year there.

Do you even like your school? dont know

Do you have a job or are you too lazy like me? no

If yes, tell me about your job; if no, why not?....

Describe to me your personality: i can be outgoing at times but when i care bout someone i can get shy..

What do you do when you’re bored? think of neeley.. aggervate sis..and write in here.

Well what do you do when the electricity goes out and you can’t rely on electronics to keep you occupied? play cards or sleep

Are you into sports, more of the "fine arts," or a mix of both? sports..i love sports!

Are you a people person? sometimes.. sometimes i am just in the mood to be alone..

What do you want to be when you grow up? bueatician

What is, in your opinion, the easiest job in the world? idk

Are you responsible? ahh, i can be sometimes

Which is better (or more tolerable) . . . Explain yourself

Cats or dogs as pets? Dogs.. i love dogs!!

Digital watch or regular? digital.cause im lazy

Pepsi or Coke (sorry, I know that’s a big repeat, but it has to be asked)? pepsi..for sure!

Hot tub or sauna?Hot Tub..idk i just do

Freshly caught fish or cheapy frozen fish sticks? neither

Boring teacher or mean teacher? mean teacher cause they arent mean to me.lol.and its funny to watch..

Gum stuck in your hair or curling brush stuck in your hair? curling brush.. it easier to get out

Paper cut on your tongue or dirt in your eyes? i really couldnt tell you that one

Carpet or hardwood floors? hmm.. doesnt matter.. i like both

Candles or room spray? idk

Smoothie or milkshake? milkshake..love em'

Block scheduling or eight periods a day (for school)? eight periods

Monopoly or Candy Land? well, depends.. if your in the mood for a short game or a long game..

Crying by yourself or having someone to cry with you? by myself

Baby screaming or fingernails scratching chalkboard? baby screaming.. im jsut use to it now

Chicken or beef? chicken..-love, love, love it!

Talking on the phone or instant messaging? Phone.. cause you getta here the person

Mini blinds or shades/curtains? shades/ curtains

The Lion King or The Little Mermaid? Lion King..

Watching the rain or being in the rain? i like both.. lol maybe cause im just like a lil kid.lol..

Soft pillow or firm pillow? soft

Whoo, whoo, all about LOVE and Relationships

Okay, first obvious question, are you single or taken? Taken

If taken, take a moment to brag all about your significant other; i love neeley alot. he is like the best thing that has ever happened to me.. i am such a more happier/better person when im around him. and just talkin to him on the phone makes me smile. i just love the kid more than i can even explain to yall!

What do you look for in a relationship? someone that can keep me laughin and talks alot... but also cares about me alot!!

As far as looks go for the opposite sex, what makes you want to look twice (in a good way, lol) In other words, what’s your type, physically? look at neeley--hes my type

Of all the people you’ve dated, who was the one you fell for the hardest? def neeley... nothing can compare to how i feel bout him..

Of all the people you’ve dated, who was the one that you definitely could’ve done without? no comment..that would be totally mean..

What was the longest relationship you’ve been in, or what was the longest time you had a crush on someone? longest relationship--me and neeley--1 1/2 year

Tell me about your first kiss. If you’ve never been kissed, tell me what you want your first kiss to be like: no comment

Are you all for or against public displays of affection? its alright to a extent..but, idk not alot of it..

Which is most important to you in a relationship - faithfulness, compatibility, or excitement? faithfulness. just becuase i want someone to treat me right..but the rest is important too..

If you really like someone, are you more likely to eventually ask them out or forever hold your peace? forever hold my peace.. just because i dont ask guys out..

What’s the best place for a first date? just something that you can get to kno the person really well. were you can talk..

Would you prefer more romance or fun in a relationship? a lil bit of both..

Have you ever told someone you loved them? yeah, neeley

If yes, did you mean it; if no, did you ever want to tell someone you loved them but didn’t? yes i mean it everytime i say it to neeley..

Has someone ever told you that they loved you? yes..

If yes, what was your initial reaction and did you say it back? when other guys say it it wasnt as special..but when neeley says it.. i love it!

Does "true love wait"? (What is your opinion on premarital sex?)If you truly love the person and plan on being with them forever then i guess its ok..but, then agian if you wanna wait till your married thats fine too..

Have you ever been asked out and had to turn them down? yes

If yes, what did you say; if no, have you yourself ever been turned down?i dont exactly remember..probably i have a bf that i love..

Do believe that there’s that perfect someone out there for you? yes, and that would be neeley!

Ever had your heart broken? yeah neeley has done it b4..

Ever broken someone else’s? sadly to say yea

Would you rather date a bunch of people all throughout high school and settle down when you get older or meet "the one" while you’re still young? (hey, that rhymed):meet the one while your still young.. neeley!

What do u like most about the opposite sex? eyes..love em'

What do you dislike most about the opposite sex?

Would you rather have to break up with someone or be broken up with? broken up with..just because i wouldnt be hurtin that person..they wouldjsut hurt me..

Is a serious commitment in a high school relationship a bad idea? no..

Have I asked enough questions on this subject? yes

If yes, scroll down to the next section; if no, say whatever you want to say about love in general that I didn’t ask you:

Friends . . .

Well, instead of having a big retarded section asking you which of your friends is the cutest, funniest, nicest, blah blah blah, I want you to tell me all about the friends that you feel like telling me about.

Who was your elementary best friend? i had alot..robin, heather f, courtney t, and maggie..

Would you rather have a few really close friends or a big group of casual acquaintance type friends? really close friends...thats what i have as of right now

I’m just curious . . .

Do you find blonde jokes offensive, hilarious, or just stupid? funny sometimes i guess..sometimes retarted

What do you like to watch on tv, if you watch tv? anything on mtv..

Do you have any plants in your house? dont think so..

Ever had a pet fish? i do now.

Were you a cute little kid or an annoying little kid? i was cute..but i was shy

Are marshmallows good anytime or strictly a campfire treat? campfire treat

How many magazines are you subscribed to? hmm, i think just seventeen and teen people

When is the last time you went to the dentist? yesterday..

Did you have any cavities? nope..

Do you have a song stuck in your head right now? If so, what song is it? nope

What is your favorite variety of microwave popcorn? Flavor and brand: i dont really like popcorn

What is your favorite variety and color of MM’s? choclate..blue

In your opinion, what’s the best type of dessert and why? peanutbutter pie..love that!

While we’re on the subject, what’s your favorite food? pizza and ranch dressing..yummm*

Are you allergic to any foods? dont think so

What’s your favorite comic strip? i dont like that

Is the squeeze out of a bottle jelly an amazing development or a waste of time? i could care less

Do you believe in God? yes

If no, tell me why; if yes, tell me why: i jsut have faith that hes lookin over me..

Did you know that Jesus loves you? yes

The Future . . . (dramatic "oohs" and "ahhs")

Do you have it all planned out or are you just going to take life in stride as it comes? Im taking it one step at a time..

When do you get out of school? its summer..

Excited? yes

What are you going to do this summer? ahh, nuttin much..

What grade are you going into? freshman

Are you going to move away as soon as you’re out of school or stay where you are? umm, idk.. i dont wanna move far away but i do want out..

So do you know what college you’re going to, or if you’re even going to college? im goin to college i just dont kno were yet..

If you are, what do you think your major will be? dont know

Do you plan on getting married, provided that you meet the right person? Yes,hopefully with neeley

If so, do you want kids? If yes, how many? yes..1 or 2..most likely 2.lol

Tearful Goodbye . . . (sniff sniff)

What more important, more practical thing could you have done instead of filling out this survey? idk

About how long did it take you? forever and a day..lol

Was it worth it? probably not//

What did you think of this survey? it was alright i guess

What are you going to do now that it’s over? give sis the computer and wait for neeley to call
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sis is killin me!!!!!!--shes actually cleanin!! :o [August the 11th, 2005 - 5:51 PM]
[ mood | full-just ate 12" sub ]

well, yesterday, we had a game in maggofin county..that wasnt my best game ever..lol.. actuallly it was like the worst game i ever played.. but, thats ok.. we lost.. jv and varsity..jv is 1-2 and varsity is 0-3..

today, i had to wake up early and go to work with my mom..so, i could get impressions for my bottom retianers.(oh yea, did i tell you my dog(pepper) ate my bottom retainer) i hate impressions.well on the way to my moms work neeley called my cell cause he had school today.. that was just a really good way to start my day.. hehe..then wheni got to moms work i went to sleep.. and then neeley wrote me a text message that said "hey wake up!" haha how dirty is that? lol.

the orthadonist sucked..as usual and do you kno how funny it is to see ppls faces when i tell the my dog ate my retainer..haha..

then, i just stayed at my moms wrok untill her lunch brak.since ive been home i aint done anything..

let me tell you , never agian will i go to subway with my grandma ..lol. she has confused the crap out of everyone..lol.

but, i have nuttin else to write about..so im gonne go.. lol

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hi guys.. [August the 9th, 2005 - 2:17 PM]
[ mood | ditzy ]

lets start by tellin you about yesterday, i had to wake up early to go to practice. practice wasnt hard at all. lol. i really didnt do anything.then, i just came home talked to neeley and hung out with sis till it was time to get ready for the game. gaw, it was our first game. um, jv won the game.. i was so happy..then i subbed in for varsity just for a lil bit tho.lol but, thats ok.lol varsity ended up loosing..but i still think they did good..

after i got home from the game, i stayed up with neeley till like 2 o'clock in the mornin. and then he called and woke me up at like 10:30 or sumthing.. and i have tlked to him all day today untill like 20 min ago. lol. i love him so much..

tonight, we have another game against south floyd..so, i guess i will tell you how that goes lata..

im out for right now..

-i love jonathan neeley

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gawd, i love him SOO much!! [August the 7th, 2005 - 9:17 PM]
[ mood | ..im so in love.. ]

i saw neeley today!! yay*he came up at like 4:30 today. and omg he shocked, because i was puttin eyeliner on and i looked out of the corner of my eyes and i saw someone in a blue shirt and their was neeley. lol. first thing i made him do was take off his hat so, i could see his shaved head(i was gonna take a pic of him, but i couldnt find my camera).haha it was really cute tho. lol. then, we played battleship.. and i beat neeley.and no neeley you didnt let me win. so hush.haha.. after i got done kickin his ass in battle ship. we went in my room and watched tv. and just talked and stuff.lol. after that i think we ate.lol. that was fun. just cause me and neeley were pickin on each other.lol. we played ps2.. i was so better at that. NOT!! lol. then after zack( my 8 year old step bro) beat us all at ps2..we went back in my room and talked and watched tv. then, we went out side and played bascket ball, football, lil bit of volleyball.. in basket ball. neeley was really mean. lol. i shot the ball and i twas about to go in and he jsut blocked the shot.. hes mean like that.. haha. volleyball he got the volleyball stuck in the trees so he had to throw the football and knock it out..lol. and well his mom came at like 7:30..

 i miss him already and its not even been like 2 hours. lol. im sittin here talkin on the phone to him so i think im gonna go.. since hes tellin me to hurry..

*.Samantha Blair-n-Jonathan Neeley.*

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im bored. [August the 5th, 2005 - 3:16 PM]
[ mood | tired ]

im bored, so i thought i would write in here. i just got done fixin sissys layout on her lj. go look at it.lol. its pretty..i think.lol.

anyways, about volleyball, it was fun. i actually did ok today! haha. we did these things were you slide to try to hit the ball.gah,it was fun. but, omg it hurt.lol. i got floor burn below my elbow and on my butt.lol.--dont ask.haha..

after volleyball, i came home and waited on my step dad to bring me food. and then i ate and talked to neeley on the phone till he had to go. which was like 20 min. lol but, thats ok. i guess.lol.

well, we play eastridge monday.. my numbers #33..

idk wat else to say.. lol. but, sis is asleep.. haha..shes funny..lol

im out now-
i love jonathan neeley--1 year and 6 months as of tommorow!

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[August the 3rd, 2005 - 10:00 PM]
[ mood | i miss you* ]

I Miss NEELEY!! :(

thats all i hafta say!

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gettin ready.. [July the 31st, 2005 - 6:33 PM]
[ mood | peaceful ]

once agian, im gettin ready for the funeral.aww. last night wasnt so bad. i mean they all werent as bad as i thought they would be. i guess, its just were they kno he isnt in any more pain . and that hes in a better place.

goin to the funeral home was kinda hard for me. flash backs of caseys funeral haunted me. i guess, it always will. shew......

today, we had a cook out at my aunts for the family and it was just crazy.haha.. my aunt maldie cracks me up. and uncle galen is a character himself. lol. im goin to miss those two when they go back to delawhare. :( gah, galen always wears this hat, the so called "pimp hat", haha. hes crazy. lol

um, me and sis are sittin here gettin ready.. the funeral starts at 7 so. you kno we should be leaving in a bout 10 min.lol

i think, neeleys left for football camp.idk if im gonna be able to talk to him till thursday but i guess will see. lol.

well, i think im gonna look for another icon.

-i love jonathan neeley

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but with all that ive done wrong, i had to do something right.. [July the 30th, 2005 - 5:59 PM]
[ mood | rushed ]

well, im gettin ready to go to my great uncles funeral. its gonna be pretty sad. but, im gonna be there for my grandma. cause, i love her to death. and i just hate it when shes sad and crying. :(

its been so crazy around here today. all my grandmas brothers and sisters are here but two and theres like 9 of them a live. and my grandmas house just looks like a circus or sumthin. lol. my great aunt, maldie, and my other great aunt,mary, are just plain out helarious. they were tlakin about a black guy checkin them out and being in the center of attention and stuff.. its so funny.. haha.

me,sis, heather, della, and mom, went shopping this mornin. first we went to dawhares and i bought a sweater. and then to maurices and i bout a bunch of dressy clothes.. yea, me in dressy clothes. haha. arent yall so proud of me. hahah. then we went to kfc and ate. and heather coughed food all over sis. it was helarious. i always have a good time haning out with heather and sis. lol

i aint talked to neeley today. and probably wont talk to him until i get back from the funeral. :(

but, im gonna get off here cause were gettin ready to go.

-i love jonathan neeley

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let be us agian.. [July the 29th, 2005 - 5:09 PM]
[ mood | hot ]

orientation today, was semi-fun. except when they talked alot. but, oh well. i have no classes with sis, kay, or branham. but, i do have 5 classes with heather which is really good. lol. it was nice to see everyone again and talk to them, seeing how i havent talked to most of them in ages! gah, it was perty good.. well, ill put my schedule on here

1.) Physical Science - A. Banks
2.) Algebra 1- L. Little
3.) Life Skills- K. Napier
4.) Law and Justice- A. Smith
5.) Computer Application- K. Tackett
6.) English 1- C. Gilpin
7.) Geography- C. Howell

today at volleyball, it was fun. i mean i think i did perty good. i mess up and stuff. but who doesnt. but, my serves go over so oh well thats good. lol. its fun. im catchin on to the game. haha. even tho i played at virgie. they still didnt teach us as much as i learned this year.

after volleyball, i went to subway and got me somethin to eat. well, i got a 12 inch sub so i could eat some lata. and i ended up eatin all of it. haha.im a hog wat can i say.lol

anyways, gawd, im just prayin neeley doesnt have practice tommorow. so we can go see a movie or sumthin. i miss him so much. i really do. and there like leavin for football camp sometime this week.so i wont get to see him next week. which sux. but, other than that. i love the kid. and i dont kno watd i would do with out him.

hmm, me and sis are sittin here bored tryin to not fall asleep. but, you kno wat i think shes asleep. haha that fag. anyways, im gonna get off here and probably take a shower.lol.

-i love you neeley

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rainy days are so boring :) [July the 27th, 2005 - 11:41 PM]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well, i had to wake up early agian this mornin for volleyball.. it is really fun.. tommorow we get to actualy play on the court. thank god! haha.. but thats it about volleyball

after volleyball, me,heather, and sis came home.. all day i waited around to hear about my great uncle dale whose dieing..they give him about a day or two to live. but at least hes not in pain anymore.. so my grandma says..im not really close but its sad to watch my grandma be sad :) tear*

we played scrabble today.. it was actually kind of fun.. just because i cant spell and i try to make up words and use names when your not suppose to..but, hey thats ok.. becuase i lost any way..

omg, there was a big storm.the wind like blew down this tree behind my house.. where my momma parks her car..so my grandpa had to go move it so my mom could park..lol

neeley had to get off the phone earlier so i have nuttin to do..sis is talkin on the intrenet(as usual).lol and im thinkin about goin to bed..but, sis told me not to so, we will see..lol

-i love you neeley

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